Phil D.

I began using Venodol for pain management of a genetic neuro-degenerative disease. My original symptoms included very stiff leg muscles, which caused me a great deal of pain. The majority of the time I rated my pain about 7 or 8 out of 10. After approximately one month of using Venodol, I noticed that the severity of my pain had decreased. There are days when I do not have any pain at all, and on bad days I would rate my pain at about 3 out of 10.


Gerry R.

I applied Venodol for about one month to my elbow where I had been suffering from long-term pain and discomfort. The results were complete resolution of the pain and discomfort. I also gave some Venodol to a business friend, who tried numerous treatments to address his pain issues following an operation on his hand. When he used the Venodol for only one week there was a remarkable improvement on his hand, one month later not only had the pain substantially reduced he is now able to move his fingers as well. Many thanks.


Mike C.

I recently injured my shoulder, severely, in an accident and was told I required surgery. Not wanting to go that route, I searched for a product that would enhance the ultrasound treatments I was undergoing to aid healing. By chance, I was given a sample of Venodol and found it to be amazingly helpful. The constant pain I was experiencing was alleviated for a long period of time, and continued use has given me the relief I need to function on a daily basis.

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